Resolve to Indulge in 2019
I want to thank you for making 2018 a good year at Free Love Valley Soaps.
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Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I want to thank all of you for making 2018 a good year here at Free Love Valley Soaps.  Your positive feedback on our soaps makes me really happy and keeps me motivated to produce the most natural product possible for your continued enjoyment and cleansing experience.

Plus, I’m sure you had a busy holiday season, but hope you found some quiet time to pamper yourself and recover from all of the festivities too.  Truly a bar of our lavender soap will take your mind to that calm and peaceful place, while a bar of our rosemary soap will invigorate you to take-on 2019 with a smile.

As we await the reopening of our Nation’s parks, there is a wonderful best kept secret location within Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania that remains OPEN daily from 10am – 5pm!  Yes, it’s the Cabin Shop.  The Cabin Shop is located on Rt. 23 directly behind Washington Memorial Chapel and the Book Store.  The Cabin Shop sells delicious baked goods, hot meals, lovely souvenirs and handmade products – including our Free Love Valley Soaps!  When you visit the Cabin Shop, you can smell each of the 5 different essential oils we use in our soaps. The soaps make delightful hostess gifts, souvenirs, bridal or baby shower gifts, and so much more.  Please stop by if you’re in the area of Valley Forge Pennsylvania and say hello to the wonderful volunteers that help keep the Cabin Shop thriving.

All the best as you start a new year!

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