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We use 5, yep – that’s right, 5 different wonderfully rich oils in each bar of soap.
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Hello and welcome back!

With the hot summer behind us and the dry and cooler weather ahead, it’s nice to know that at
Free Love Valley Soaps we’re putting rich plant oils into each bar of soap that touches your skin.
We use 5, yep – that’s right, 5 different wonderfully rich oils in each bar of soap.  I’ll briefly take you through
each one…
The palm oil we use is extracted from the fruit of the Oil Palm plant, and adds to the creaminess of the lather and hardness of the soap bar.  Our palm oil source uses a supplier that is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – an organization that supports sustainable palm oil plant production in the world.  Nice to know they uphold social and ethical principles regarding the harvesting of this coveted plant.
Another natural oil we use in our soap is olive.  Olive oil is rich in fatty acid and is produced from pressing the olive fruit that grows on the trees and then by extracting the oil.  Olive oil is gentle on the skin, makes the soap feel smooth to the touch, and adds to the hardness of the bar.
The castor oil in our soap is extracted from the Castor Bean Plant.  Castor oil is clear and is a wonderfully thick, viscous oil that contributes to the large, luscious bubbles in each bar.
We also use refined (meaning it has no taste or aroma) coconut oil in each of our soaps.  Coconut oil is harvested by pressing the kernel (or meat) of the coconut. The coconut oil generates creamy lather, big bubbles, and is highly cleansing.
Lastly, we use an essential oil in each bar.  We have 5 different essential oils for you to try (Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus).  Our EOs are 100% pure and produce a wonderful aroma.

Recently I had the pleasure of putting together a gift basket of these soaps for an incredibly active cycling coalition called the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.   They are determined advocates for cycling safety and education in the Greater Philadelphia area.  They work tirelessly on projects such as protected bike lanes, cycling infrastructure, Youth Cycling programs, bicycle safety classes, and their Vision Zero Action Plan. The Vision Zero Action Plan recommends various actions to reduce traffic deaths to zero by 2030.  Here is a link to their website, you’ll be impressed by all that they do: www.bicyclecoalition.org

I hope you enjoy our soap.  In addition to the 5 botanical oils that go into each bar of soap, there is a lot of love too!

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